Puisi Cinta - I Think of U (Memikirkanmu)

I Think of U | Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris
by Lady Queen

I'm trying 2 let u know how i feel
this love has never felt so real
Ur on my mind all night long
and every time i hear these songs
I think of u

You show me how true love feels
u make me think if this is real
When u say those last three words
i feel so good
and baby, i think of u

You do anything 2 make me happy
and everything 2 make me feel good
but there's nothing u could do
2 make me stop thinking of u

You'll always be in my heart
me and you will never part,
When i lay down 2 sleep
i can still see the visions of u & me
Ur on my mind day n night
i hope you'll never leave my side
Ur love 2 me means the world

that's why i always think of u

Puisi Cinta - Forever

by Luvmeluvr
(Puisi Bahasa Inggris tentang "Aku Jatuh Cinta")

I've known you forever,
I've known you four years.
Through so many smiles,
And even more tears.

Selamanya 'ku mengenalmu
Bertahun-tahun 'ku mengenalmu
Lalui begitu banyak senyuman
dan bahkan lebih banyak tangisan 

You accepted me warmly,
You love me so much.
I love your sweet smile,
I love your soft touch.

Kau menerimaku dengan hangat
Kau mencintaiku dengan sangat
'Ku cinta semum manismu
'Ku cinta lembut sentuhmu

I love that you love me
The way that I am,
I love that you see me
Like no one else can.

'Ku mencintai cintamu untukku
Caramu mencintaiku
'Ku mencintai tatapanmu untukku
Seperti tak seorangpun bisa tiru
I love that I love you
Like no one before,
I'd love you forever
And still I'd crave more.

'Ku mencintai cintaku untukmu
Seperti sebelumnya tak seorangpun mencintaimu
'Ku kan selamanya mencintaimu
Dan masih terus penuh gairah
I've known you forever,
I've known you four years.
I'll be with you always
Til the end of time nears.

'Ku selamanya mengenalmu
'Ku bertahun-tahun mengenalmu
'Ku kan selalu bersamamu
Hingga jelang ujung waktu...

Puisi Cinta - Greatest Love


Greatest Love
by Eddie Garcia
(Puisi Bahasa Inggris tentang 'Aku Cinta Kamu')

You bring me laughter when I'm down,
Always there to lift my frown...
You hold me tight when I'm cold,
You'll stand by me till I grow old...
Loving me like no other,
Gentle and sweet just like a mother...

Your love is pure forever true,
Inside my heart is a place for you...
The touch of your lips against my skin,
Softness so smooth brushing along my chin...
Words of compassion forever sweet,
How ever was I so lucky to have meet...

My dearest love I hold so dear,
For never do I have to fear...
Honest and truthful in loving me,
Always and forever it is she...
The woman I love and have given my heart,
To live this life and never depart...

A beauty I found upon thee eye,
Captured my heart and I chose to be by...
Her side through good times and
the bad,
To comfort and love her even when
she's sad...
She is my life she is my love,
She is the greatest gift from up

Nothing I see means anything to me
It’s something I learned in alchemy
Nothing I want exists in this realm
Cause to us the truth might overwhelm

Not all that I feel can be trusted
Except the journey that I’ve doubted
Yet it always seems to work that way
That after the doubt, the truth conveys

The road to success is same as to failure
Yet one has tracks more than the other
One has the footsteps of a few men and women
While the other is filled with mud and burdens

Come join the few who are paving the path
For a new generation, to take a healing bath
To shed the past and uncover the masks
Cause the answers await all those who ask

She sits there waiting for compliments
With eyes so filled with utter judgments
She wears my favorite women’s fragrant
And thinks of ways for my punishment

Not a word is being said
The silence cuts, the roads ahead
She says you’re a man with a big bighead
Who needs a reality check instead

I say I’m only your projection
What you see in me, is your reflection
Maybe you need to learn Self-Love
Instead of quitting when the road gets tough

What you think is Ego, is my confidence
Or don’t you want, to feel my presence
Do you think you want, a powerless man
I can’t be that, cause it’s not in my plans

you hurt my feelings last night
you say i am too talkative
than you say you dont talk enough

what am i suppose to think afterwards?
i am homesick for all my boys!
you first because it has been the longest

but i got to work the hardest at!
in more ways than one, i might add!
the little guys require no effort at all

they just love me as i am !
always happy to see me and love me!
they are the sweetest ones of all!

I don't want to deceive myself,
By accepting an arranged marriage or marriage of convenience...
I have been asking God what I should be doing...
I remember how happy I was...

When I fell in love for the first time
And for real...
With the person of my choice
Though he was never mine...

I want to fall in love again..
And to feel the same thing which I felt once...
I realised in my situation,
It will never work...

For I have been used of falling in love
And choosing my own guy...
I was so tensed and did not know what to do...
I am not that desperate woman...

Then I realised even mum and Dad fell in love...
And got married...
Falling in love and getting married is better...
Than accepting to meet someone
And forcing your destiny...

In such way,I will never be happy
Even if I get married with that person,
Afterwards,I may regret...
For I did not marry out of love...

I don’t know who I am without you
I can’t even tell what’s false from true
You’ve always been a part of me
And I’ll always be the fish in your sea

Now I’m left alone in a universe of my own
Trying to be, the king of my throne
It shouldn’t be hard to start again
To plant the seeds, of life free of Sin

It’s always tough to take the first step
To initiate and put your heart on the map
Then you’re faced with a blast from the past
That makes you feel like a complete outcast

They say things always work for the best
So Maybe I’ll put my worries to rest
But whose Best are they talking about?
I’ll have to wait to find that out!!!

I miss you even though you’re here
I can hear your voice loud and clear
But I know you’re about to leave again
Cause that’s the way it’s always been

I talk to you as if you never leave
I build my dreams out of pure belief
I walk the streets looking for a sign
For someone to say I’ll soon be fine

There’s always a feeling of emptiness
That always leaves me so breathless
It takes over the moment you go
And it takes a while to release and let go

But then you’re back once again
And I praise the lord, I say Amen
But deep inside I know it’s temporary
And that’s a burden that I have to carry

You realize you mean the world to me
And I make it look like it’s so easy
I do it all so you won’t feel my pain
But all the pressure is driving me insane

We’re stuck at a crossroad for years now
And the scene won’t end until we take a bow
But who has the courage to initiate
Is a whole new chapter that has to wait.

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