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Buat para pelajar atau siapapun yang menyukai Puisi - Puisi basah inggris sekarang ga usah susah - susah nyari jauh - jauh soalnya di GORESAN HATI kali ini akan posting beberapa Puisi Bahasa inggris ok kita langsung saja gan.....

Poetry troubled - Finding Peace

If tears could erase all the problems
I'm going to cry these tears to dry.
if laughter could erase the wound ..
I'll do it heartily
if the noise can reduce the severity of this restless
I will shout as loud as - my voice ..
I know life is a choice.
Sometimes God has a wonderful plan ..
Sometimes what we want does not correspond to reality ..
I can only plan,,
You are entitled to change my plans,
or plan you meet ..
I only ask for the best, I just asked my choice.

What is the process of maturation?

What is this called I had to learn to be patient?
What is my life lessons can be, what is this?
by thy name,,
Bismillah I'll go look for bidders anxiety 

fossilized Love - poems confusion

fossilized Love
Past and present

you asked the time,

I asked the store in the folder
time you smile,
I saved the label home
spoiled your time,
I kept the tag and real tag irregular

your jokes,

I'm stuck in the right hemisphere
your display,
I was entrusted to the chest between two shoulder arms
pigtail hair,
I slotip on the edge of the ear near the temple
your body language,
I quote eyelids sliced ​​thin

what exactly are you entrusted me?

whether the bones of your first love?
what you miss the dust first?
what fossils first love?

there is to know,,

do not go out,,
even more out of life,,

I love this because the fossils to understand

car could not walk
could not have termites eating embers
so did the fossils of this love,,
not be alive anymore.

I just wait for his reincarnation.

Fossil your love has got me
from the downturn of love

lihat artinya di puisi
Fosil-Fosil Cinta salam kupuciters lovers, salam sastra! 

When I'm Alone

Puisi bagasa Inggris kali ini judulnya - When I'm Alone ada beserta artinya juga loh dibawah yah.

At that time,
I sat on the couch.
Under a shady tree.
I sat there, in the left corner.
Filled with hope right corner, and sit together.
But my own ...

My one season there, the leaves turn yellow, brown.
Falling one by one.
Meet me alone in the left corner chair.

Still waiting for the right corner filler.

The sky blackened,
a group of white-gray clouds surround the cloud.
I feel the drops - the small drops.
There, in the left corner of the chair.

I turned to the right, ..
Dismissed my hope, my eyes glazed.
I do not cry,
tuk tired but my tears are inside.

I myself,

I go,

I'm tired.

If indeed I was destined not to love.
I know love is enough.
His shadow is enough.

And in the end,
At one time I leave the chair,
leaves it, hope it is ....
But my solitude, not forever.

Aku Bila Sendiri

Aku, bila Sendiri

Saat itu,

Aku duduk di kursi panjang.
Dibawah pohon yang rindang.
Aku duduk disana, di pojok kiri.
Berharap pojok kanan terisi,dan duduk bersama.
Tapi ku sendiri...

Satu musim kudisana,daun menguning, kecoklatan.

Berguguran satu persatu.
Memenuhi aku yang sendiri di pojok kiri kursi.

Masih menunggu pengisi pojok kanan.

Langit menghitam,

sekelompok awan kelabu mengepung awan putih.
Aku merasakan tetes - tetes kecil itu.
Disana, dipojok kiri kursi.

Aku menengok kearah kanan,..

Harapanku menepis, mataku berkaca.
Aku tak menangis,
tapi air mataku lelah tuk berada di dalam.

Aku sendiri,

Aku pergi,

Aku lelah.

Jika memang aku di takdirkan tidak untuk C i n t a.

Aku mengenal C i n t a saja sudah cukup.
Bayangannya saja cukup.

Dan pada akhirnya,

Pada suatu saat itu ku tinggalkan kursi itu,
daun itu, harap itu....
Tapi kesendirian ku,Tak selamanya.

Aku Bila Sendiri Karya
F. Farihin

Parable of Women - Puisi Bahasa Inggris

Puisi bahasa Inggris
ini menceritakan tentang sosok wanita. simak puisi beserta artinya berikut

Parable of Women

Today I remembered you

I write a parable
about the fascinating figure of grabbing the hearts of the world
ensnare an angel of light captivating sports
how sad you are so colorful figure around the solar system
ahay you're so cruel action for me sad

I assume you're female

you like blue sky soared
rain umbrella you hit the world when his

women you describe me

you're hot coals, you're as fresh as the wind Mamiri
you're cold - ice cold, you're soft - soft yogurt

you're my girl Narrate

is the most beautiful souls with the heart of the Indian deep sahara
gentle mother's love.

irony you girls, you're learning the art of persuasion you

because you're the world so different,
you taste,
you kitchen condiments
leads you to pivot the mud
you're ready for battle

women, I'm exhausted already about your subject

of you who always make a new breakthrough
show us the action of your opponent's greatest breakthrough
with your magic hands you're ready to prove you're capable of
hurricane hit.
embroider tsunami Aceh
a bright red color change

I assume you're female

merry women worldwide.

Lihat artinya disini

Heart cries

dari Lirik lagunya VOP - Heart Cries- Tangisan Hati
    I put all these flavors 
Because I do not want you sad
I put all this pain Because I do not want you to cry
I ... Know you still love me
I ... Know you still love me
 You ..
Never understood my feelings
Indeed ...
Try to understand me
More in because my heart cry
 Do I not deserve you So you hurt me
Did I not be with you I'm going away
 I ... Know you still love me
I ... Know you still love me You ..
Never understood my feelings
Indeed ...
Where understanding me
While I fall I'm just waiting for a wish
That may happen Try to understand me
More in because my heart cry
 I ... Know you still love me
 I ... Know you still love me
You ..
Never understood my feelings
Indeed ...
Where understanding me
While I fall I'm just waiting for a wish
That may happen Try to understand me
 More in because my heart cry.......

Search Engines Love

Love Poems - Search Engines Love
My search for love in my search engine
I have not seen in crome or yahoo
only in my search engine
I do not know you at bingg or Amazon
just me and my search engine

whether the king of search engines can find you?
whether he was able to greet you in the virtual world
while the real you?

I found you, in my search engine
although much you feel close
My heart is feeling at the heart

At that time,,,
As I tried to feel the love I carry the niches
domain for free since I began to thin out my pocket
I wrote your name as the address to the blogger as an owner skipper
captured the heart of the beautiful name of the king search

I try to log into the dashboard of your heart, I found more in
I tried the new entry, I feel older
Flavor that has not been considered previously
I Make you some of my link-in and-out ban a lot of links
For H1 with my name on my Supreme Love You
Anchor text in order to tide me over rezpect reader

I honestly do not want to lose you dear,,
I do not want you to hit the sand box grandfather.
I cried when it happened

I try optimization of all the things about you
I put a meta tag with the name of Love, Love, Love
love it more SEO friendly.

You know what is best for me happy?
Earning a menu appears when in my heart
and that's the sign you started giving your love to me $ $
I do not need paypal, I do not need a post office
I want you to transfer them directly through your love account

Since you're on page one
My heart became 1K/day and never got out of it

My love since you put backlink
you're invincible, you beat your competitors
you you're perfect you do not dazzle you aura containing elements I love sara

Love, love calls you something that fits for you
Did you want to approve my love this time?
I promise to use white hat techniques for love
Copas and others say never

greetings from me, your heart .

I finally found you

found you

half the current pace
walks without getting bogged down
my life is like a dry world
arid there is no love
my heart is looking for love
until I discovered the true
though to me it look tired
I love a

I now find my time at the end of a broken heart
weary heart that saved my life waiting for love
I promise now tuk tlah with lively semati
until the end of the time we are together forever

I now find my time at the end of a broken heart
weary heart that saved my life waiting for love

until the end of the time we are together forever
 nah bagaimana gan ???semoga bermanfaat buat anda semua... :D

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